Inexpensive car rentals in Chiang Mai

Inexpensive car rentals in Chiang Mai with Drivemate

           Inexpensive car rentals in Chiang Mai

 Drivemate is a car rentals service that serves more than 9,000 cars around Chiang Mai city areas and outsides. You can easily rent a car with us by using Drivemate application or go to and start renting the car. Drivemate provides you any types of cars, brands, and styles in all recent years to meet all your needs. Travel around Chiang Mai, it is more comfortable, private, and economical for you to have a car because you can drive to many Doi around Chiang Mai. Drivemate offers you to pick up and return the cars almost everywhere in Chiang Mai including Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Mai Bus terminal, and Chiang Mai Train Station. You can take the car from its owner very quickly and conveniently.

            Renting a car with Drivemate starts from 650 THB which surely serve on-a-budget tourists satisfactions. So, you do not have to worry about cost of this trip but rather spend your time enjoying new experiences in Chiang Mai.

Renting a car for Chiang Mai trip

            When you have a chance to visit Chiang Mai in winter time, you do not want to ruin your trip with trouble in using public transportation. For traveling around Chiang Mai city areas, taking Rot Daang (or red trucks) can charge you around 60-100 THB depends on where you want to go. Moreover, in case of traveling to outside of Chiang Mai such as Doi Suthep, Doi Pui, Mon Jam, Mae Kampong you may have to take local bus which takes lots of time and money. These problems might ruin your trips as a nightmare. So, to make your trip more comfortable and impressive, renting a car with Drivemate would be the answer. Renting the car is suitable in all lifestyles including couple traveler, group travel, or family trip.

Advantages of renting a car in Chiang Mai

  1. Time saving and less chance to get into any trouble
  2. More private and comfortable
  3. Fit in all travel lifestyles
  4. More convenient to visit many places

Drivemate provides standard car rental service to serve all your needs. Let’s travel to fulfill your life with unforgettable experience and let’s Drivemate be with you. Go together, go farther.