Drivemate Switch

Perfect car matches for all your activities

Drivemate Switch, car subscription to lets you switch your car with your passion

How it works

Sign Up

1.You can sign up for both an email account and a Facebook account. If you already have an account with us in other services, you can access it.


2.Do not forget to include your details, whether it's a place you want to get a car or documents.


3.We take 24 hours to check your documents then you can choose the car right now!!

"Need to know"

1.The services will typically check your credit and driving history before they let you join.

2.The cars aren't brand-new.

3.There are usually mileage limits.

4.There might be restrictions on how you use the car.

5.You may be tracked.

6.Insurance coverage may differ from what you have now.