Drivemate Switch
Perfect car matches for all your activities

car subscription to lets you switch your car with your passion
The first car subscription service in Thailand. You can access the car anywhere with press apply on our platform and select the package you want. Only you can have the car you want and you can also change the car for any of your occasion. All the tasks you need are easily fulfilled. Just this simple! Why do you have to pay many expenses for only one car, let's Drivemate Switch to help you.

Better to subscribe

Convenience, Flexibility, Potential cost savings & No negotiating.
No more insurance,maintainance,cleaning and taxes.


The monthly fee is all-inclusive, including the first class car insurance and hassles of all maintenance. No more hidden cost.


Offering membership to drive a different types of cars for different uses.


Unlike leasing a car, you can cancel and reinstate your subscription without added fees.


The service that extends to roadside assistance and allows you to have the use of a range of cars without the headaches that come with car ownership.

Why I might love Drivemate Switch?

  • No long-term commitment
  • No maintenance cost
  • No car-insurance cost
  • Flexible membership plan
  • Potential cost savings
  • No negotiating
  • Make your life easier
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