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We've got you covered

Your car is covered by our liability policy during every rental. It covers any damage to or theft from your car, with no out-of-pocket expenses.

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Create custom pricing and availability for daily, weekly, and monthly trips.

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Create custom pricing and availability for daily, weekly, and monthly trips.

" Drivemate ช่วยให้หารายได้จากการปล่อยเช่ารถส่วนตัวที่โอเคมากๆ "

Sikharin C. - ผู้ปล่อยเช่า

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How does it work?

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Input your price, availability and conditions to easily publish your listing! It is online within seconds and for free. Drivers will then be able to contact you directly and you'll get to choose the people and time slots suiting you.

It's easy and FREE!

Our rental check-list is the key to a hassle-free process. Just print the pre-filled rental agreement and do a walk-around car inspection with the driver. Download Rental Agreement

We've got you covered!

LMG Insurance provides insurance for every rental.

Safety first

Who breaks pays. We charge the driver if they don't give you the car back in its initial condition. In case of a traffic ticket, the rental agreement provides proof of the driver's liability. You will not get any penalty points nor fines.

What about money?

Listing your car is free. You get 75% of your rental earnings via a bank transfer. The remainder covers the insurance and website costs.

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