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Review car rental in Phuket

BMW Series 3


bhee M. June 5, 2017, 10:33 a.m.
Toyota Hiace Commuter

Very great take care ka :)

คุณอรนฤมล . Dec. 26, 2019, 12:44 p.m.
Toyota Hiace Commuter


J S. Oct. 28, 2019, 3:17 p.m.
Rent a car with Dedicate driver in phuket. No credit card needed.




Most Popular Rent A Car In Phuket With A Professional Driver


Finding the ideal rent a car for your tour can be stressful, but Drive Mate rent a car in Phuket goals to make sure you travel the venue in style, ultra comfort, and an extremely affordable price. Any of our latest model cars are well-maintained to serve your mobility needs. Our top fleet features a diverse selection of rental cars ideal for just about any occasion. Pick from our top brand cars and SUVs. Having a car retain is remarkable option for getting into the city and exploring its areas in comfort and style.


Things To See And Do With A Car Rental Phuket


The amazing region of Phuket city is a well-known destination for tourists from all over the planet. You can see several elegant sights with your car rental Phuket. Here you can see highlights like the old town and the Tiger Kingdom without having to trust on tour guides. With a short drive, you can also check out the colossal Big Buddha that sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills, a must-visit attraction for any traveler to this region.



Rent a car with Dedicate driver in phuket. No credit card needed.


A Car Rental Phuket


For all those who wish a more traditional Thai Experience tour the picturesque Temples of Wat Chalong. A drive along the coast in your rental car from Drive Mate reveals miles of amazing beaches and spectacular views. Form the plan freedom beach to the surfing really hot spot that’s Kalim beach, you can drive to spot that suits your individual taste! The unexplored landscape Phang Nga Bay is an elegant sight and with a car rental Phuket you get ideal panoramic view.

Car Rental Phuket At The Airport


Here we operate within the airport facility on both the international and domestic terminal. Our company offers really competitive prices and a range of cars to pick from. Tourists to this place can reserve their car booking ahead of time and travel our counter upon arrival. Take benefit of our stellar customer service and best quality car models.


Driving Rules In Phuket


Driving on Phuket can be an amazing experience, but for those looking explore the place to its fullest, it’s a remarkable way to travel. As well as paying solid attention to local road laws, be aware all times while driving on here; in particular, watch out for bikers on the roads. The limit of speed here is normally 50/km on urban roads, 90 per km on rural roads, and 120 per km on the highway.

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