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Toyota Fortuner


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Toyota Fortuner

Good services

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Honda CR-V

ขับรถเรียบร้อย ให้ข้อมูลประกอบสถานที่ท่องเที่ยวได้ดี บริการดี รถสภาพดีครับ

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car rental with driver in chiangmai


Rent A Limo Service Chiang Mai


There is no doubt that searching for the right and perfect limo service Chiang Mai car rental Service Company can be stressful. Most Chiang car rental service does not give sufficient information on the best and affordable limo service they offer within Chiang Mai and other part of Thai. But don't worry, Drivemate is the best suitable option for any kind of limo rental service in Chiang Mai. If you are constantly thinking about the best and perfect car rental service company that offers Limo Service for an affordable price in Chiang Mai, think no more, because Drivemate car rental service gives you this wow limo ride as an additional service. In order to explore the awesome places and activities in Chiang Mai without any form of delay.


Drivemate The Best And Affordable Option For Limo Ride


Drivemate is the best place if you are looking for how, where to rent an affordable limo service in Chiang Mai during your holiday or business trip. Drivemate offers the most affordable and quality rental service in Chiang Mai and beyond. They ensure that your 100 percent customer satisfaction is their top priority. Unlike other car rental service, Drivemate ensures customer needs are seen as the first and top priority. Drivemate car rental service understands how hectic and stressful it could be when searching for the right and the best company to offer road assistance services and other quality limo services at an affordable price.



car rental with driver in chiangmai


Why Drivemate Limo Service Is The Best?


As stated earlier, looking for the right and best limo service Chiang Mai car rental Service Company can be very annoying and stressful. Most Chiang Mai car rental services lack the ability to satisfy their clients. Most times their staffs are rude to customers and their service prices are outrageous. Also, in Chiang Mai, most car hire service firm is yet to introduce Limo service and other future rent a car service as an additional service.

Limo Service Is The Best


In order to have a fun-filled vacation or holiday in Chiang Mai and environs, Drivemate introduces an additional service by offering our noble clients limo service. This is so because we understand how stressful it could be to be held in traffic with low quality vehicles when trying to have fun. With the introduction of limo service Chiang Mai, you enjoy freedom. Limo service gives you the freedom you seek, and aid you to discover more beautiful places within the shortest period. The comfort, the speed, the road assistance, the affordability and quality of service you desire resides in Drivemate car Rental Company.




On the final note, indeed there are various car rental Chiang Mai service companies, but none can boast of quality, affordable and outstanding limo service like Drivemate. Renting a car or limo in Drivemate is very simple and easy. You are at liberty to book online. We have all it takes to make your vacation or holidays a memorable one. If you desire smooth booking, fast and easy exploration of Chiang Mai and more tourist centers without delay then book now. For further inquiries please contact us.


The beautiful city Chiang Mai is not left out. We have commenced operation in Chiang Mai. Car rental with dedicate driver in Chiang Mai will take you travel around the beautiful city. It is the best car rental with driver service you can get in Chiang Mai. When you compare it with the rest car rental options, you realize that top- notch service is what you are getting at customer-friendly prices.

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