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Sukhothai - UNESCO World Heritage Site, an ideal place for history explorer


Sukhothai has a wealth of historical views lying on its doorstep just you waiting to be explored. While the place itself doesn't much to see or do, it is laid back area from which to explore the amazing ruins as well as archeological sites that you can find in close by Sukhothai park. This ancient place flourished in the 13th centuries and is often considered as a diamond period of Thai culture. Meaning the Dawn Happiness, Sukhothai will surely fill you with fun at entire of the astounding temples and statues on display.


Reason To Travel Sukhothai


Currently, the city Sukhothai and the surrounding area are designated at UNESCO world heritage site, and travelers from all over the planet flock this city to see this once-majestic place. Due to its position on the travel map, Sukhothai city can simply be accessed by plane, bus, and train. You can explore this with car rental Sukhothai services provided by Drive Mate.



Find Best Deals Rental Car in Sukhothai Airport


An Important Thing About The Place


Rent a Car and Begin Exploring Though you can definitely explore the historical area by foot, having a car greatly boost your range. Several services in the Sukhothai provide car rental Thailand services to travelers. The car might have seen better days, but rentals are very cheap. A car will allow you to see firing places without the added additional responsibilities.

Limo Service Is The Best


In order to have a fun-filled vacation or holiday in Chiang Mai and environs, Drivemate introduces an additional service by offering our noble clients limo service. This is so because we understand how stressful it could be to be held in traffic with low quality vehicles when trying to have fun. With the introduction of limo service Chiang Mai, you enjoy freedom. Limo service gives you the freedom you seek, and aid you to discover more beautiful places within the shortest period. The comfort, the speed, the road assistance, the affordability and quality of service you desire resides in Drivemate car Rental Company.


An Important Thing About The Place


Si Satchanalai National Park Pay a tour to this stunning park, as a break from the history of Sukhothai. The National Park has 3 main temples; Wat Chang Lom, Wat Phra Mahathat, and lastly Wat Chedi Jet Taew. Explore this part to have a clearer image of how this site was once a flourishing spot and Thailand early kingdoms. Sukhothai Old City Sukhothai city, being a UNESCO World Heritage spot symbolize country's storied and shiny past. About 2 hundred temples in Sukhothai city were below and then partly reconstructed so that tourists can have a glimpse of what the early Capital of Thailand may have been. Sukhothai city utilizes to be a cradle of country’s culture. You'll find the remnants of religious and artistic arts of the past.

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