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Review car rental in Pattaya

Toyota Vios

รถสสวย รถใหม่มากค่ะ

วไลนุช พ. July 24, 2017, 3:06 p.m.
Toyota Fortuner

รถใหม่มากๆ เจ้าของรถเป็นกันเองสุดๆ

พิทักษ์ จ. Feb. 19, 2018, 9:29 a.m.
Car rental in Pattaya with lowest price

Pattaya - Most Popular Destination to travel


In the past, a beach resort for American girls during the Vietnam War, this is the place is definitely not for everybody as go as bars, massage parlors and sexual tourism its peak draws. With a huge gay scene, straight and gay guys alike flock to the Pattaya to enjoy its resources nightlife and a plethora of clubs and bars. Despite its value, local authorities have tried to clean up its image and there're now a huge number of water sports, shopping malls, and several entertainment facilities on offer.


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The Important Thing About The place, this city is one of the finest destinations in the spotlight when it's about Thailand. There're tons of things to do tons of charismas to discover, particularly if you have an active vacation filled with ongoing entertainment and activities, you'll never get bored or ask for more. A few said that the city is the Ultimate destination that can fits whole the needs.


Car rental in Pattaya with lowest price


Pattaya Beaches and the islands


Though there’re some beaches in Pattaya, they never look to get crowded. Tourism of Pattaya flourishes as these beaches are lined with golden fringed palm trees with the finest water sports available.

ideal Place for Party Lovers


The colorful, energetic and lively party mood that filled the city every night can be a single reason for several visitors to visit Pattaya. This is clearly the spot for party goers who wish to get wild to the limit and high your enjoyment gauges with thousands of activities that’ll make you forget all.


Why Pattaya City Is One Of The World’s Topmost Tourist Destinations?


All in all, Pattaya is one of the most popular destination travelers and Drive Mate serves the city and surrounding areas for the past many years. In this time tons of customers have served, several of them more than once. Car rental Pattaya’s premier car rental Thailand service with a fleet of over 50 cars encompassing economy cars, economy plus, budget rentals, sedans, SUVs and many more.



Car rental in Pattaya with lowest price


Sights and Activities


Life in the city goes around tourism, and there’re many activities to keep people happy. You explore the city by car rental Thailand and fishing, drive go-carts and get your thrills on close-by national park swinging via a tree canopy on a zip line. There’re elephant camps, crocodile parks, tiger shows, and many water parks.

Value for Money


This city is Thailand’s cheapest travel city. Hotel rooms are inexpensive than in more distant cities and the same goes for a gold course and restaurants. Also, car rental Pattaya services are extremely affordable prices than elsewhere in Thailand. 

Car rental in Pattaya with lowest price


Best Place with Family

Sometimes it can be an issue when you plan a trip that can make you and your family happy. This issue will not happen in this city like this one of the finest family-friendly places in Thailand and there’re several places that’ll paint a huge smile on your kid’s face. Among all, it’s recommended taking a trip to water parks like the most famous ancient city-themed Ramayana Water park or the planet’s first Cartoon Network themed CN Amazone park, which will both make you enjoy the time with many of slides and slips.

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