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Rental Car Kanchanaburi


Why Should People Travel Kanchanaburi?


In the west of the mid-Thailand lies city, an intriguing spot to visit due to its dark history. Less known is that its natural elegance is worth the trip itself. Blessed with abundant caves, lakes, and hot springs, much of that can be discovered in its National parks. Kanchanaburi is a remarkable place for tourists of all kinds, form nature lovers to history likers. Those who pass by can watch the well-known Kwai drift past while they earn an understanding of the tragic age of Thailand during WWII, and there’re many other things to do besides this.


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Kanchanaburi is the 3rd biggest province in Thailand after Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima. You can expect to discover some secret spots about the place. Kanchanaburi is situated just 2 hours from Bangkok by minivan. It’s a place where you can get forget the place and slip into nature. Get lost in the forest shower under waterfalls, discover temples, then kick back and take a ride on a train.



Rental Car Kanchanaburi


National Parks


The city is home to 7 amazing national parks. Probably the most elegant of all is Erawan National park, mainly due to the stunning Erawan Falls. 7 levels of falls cascade down into the major pool, offering several scenic and refreshing swimming places if you only have time to explore one park, make it Erawan. Though, if you’ve time, Srinakarin is fine worth a trip for the Huay Mae Khamin waterfalls.

Clssic Temples


The famous Buddhist monk, Phrabhavanaviriyakhun, was born in Kanchanaburi. Close to the temple Wat Tham Phu, there’s a collection of shrines in limestone caves dedicated to the Buddha, every statue representing a different facet of his unique life. There’re many stunning temples worth visiting in the city, including Wat Tham Mungkorn Thong, Kuan Yum, and Wat Tham Khao Noi being the most significant.


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Rental Car Kanchanaburi




The Bridge And The River Kwai


Popping up in the films and literature, the amazing River Kwai is a perfect spot for a relaxing trip. With some luxury resorts and fine dining restaurants, visitors can enjoy scenic sights aplenty. Adventurous travelers can prefer to dine on one of the water way’s well-known floating restaurants, while the eponymous bridge towards the west part end of town is a veritable must-see spot.

Take a Ride on the Train


Riding in local train across the bridge then to Nam Tok is a famous thing to in the city. The slow-moving train along with the main event being a crossing of the Wang Po Viaduct! The stunning wooden trestle is crude, genuine and was constructed in POWs in a record seventeen days and nights.

Rental Car Kanchanaburi

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