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Toyota Vios


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Toyota Vios


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good this tour

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good service

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Cheap Chiang Rai car rental Service


Chiang Rai - Thailand's Un-spoilt Paradise


Situated 535 miles north of Bangkok at the very northern tip of Thailand, this place is often passed over on tourist’s Thai itinerary. Full of ancient and beautiful temples (ensure to check out Wat Rong Khun), this northern spot is a gateway to the surrounding spot. Clearing explores the night market, Phu Chi Fah just north of the city gets a car rental Chiangrai services from Drive Mate to explore the city on the ground, wander the walling roads and visit Choui Fong Tea Plantation, a gorgeous spot.


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Recognized as one of the hidden treasures of Thailand, the city is the northernmost province of Thailand and home of little over 1 million people. The beautiful city of Chiangrai lies amongst the ultra lush hills of the province, some miles south of the so-called Golden Triangle. This fertile spot, naturally rich in agriculture resources, has been settled by individuals all the way back to the seventh century. Because of its relatively isolated spot, the city has blossomed into a really unique place over time, one with distinct cuisine, culture, and architecture that made Thailand’s Un-spoilt Paradise.



Cheap Chiang Rai car rental Service


Phu Chi Fah


One of the finest places to visit in Chiangrai, Thailand is Phu Chi Fah which is situated inside the Pa Mae Ing. It’s situated on an altitude of almost 1500 meters above the sea level and is loved by travelers, particularly in the winter periods of Nov to Jan. the winter period provides birth to bright shrubs and the huge meadow atop this peak provides breathtaking sights of Laos.

Night Market


At the end of the day, a visit to Chiangrai city’s night market is a must. Still relatively busy very late on this weeknight, the markets boats several stalls selling all from soap and teakwood carvings to indigo dyed tribal clothing and several other souvenirs. There is also live song/dance performances as-well-as a huge food market, which features many of yummy looking seafood. Just around the edge from the market is the golden, ornate clock tower, one of the most famous images of the city.


Rent a car in ChiangRai to enjoy The scenery


Car rental Chiang Rai is a great rental service that has come to bring a very positive experience to the good people of Chiang Rai. Whether it is at the Chiang Rai airport or any other location in the city you have the assurance of its wide coverage. This is the best cheap car rental Chiang Rai has to offer.



Cheap Chiang Rai car rental Service



Wat Rong Khun


Ensure you visit this extremely famous Thai venue when you travel to Chiangrai for its ethereal elegance and unique temple structure. It was made by the well-known artist Ajarn Chalermchai, who got inspired by his religion, nation, and king to make this masterpiece. There’s also a gallery nearby that exhibits his paintings and should be toured alongside the temple. There’re many more places to explore by visitors to the serene mountain provenance of Chiangrai which you can find affordable car rental Thailand options by looking to Drive Mate at Chiangrai Airport.

Choui Fong Tea Plantation


We are told by a local guide, but in this part of the country at least, they sure know how to make, and in amazing surrounds. That is probably why this spot is so famous with Thai travelers, who come to see mountain tribes select leaves by hand, and then taste spoils. And the team, most of which is exported to tea powerhouse China, is fine… extremely great.

Cheap Chiang Rai car rental Service

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