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Honda Accord


Drivemate T. May 21, 2019, 4:57 p.m.
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Buriram - Best City For Travelers


Buriram is a city situated in the Northeastern part of Bangkok. It's 410 km away from the capital Bangkok. The Buriram has few traces of ancient age time. Some archeologists have also discovered several things related to prehistoric human habitations. They've also discovered about sixty sandstone sanctuaries that are situated in Buriram. This early indicated that there was an existence of man civilization in Buriram city.


Khao Kradong Forest


This gorgeous forest park is situated on the peak of the mountain. There's a huge statue of Buddha. This forest park is actually a sleeping volcano. The gorgeous landscapes provide an amazing feeling to the travel. There're steps through which you can reach the giant Buddha statue. Apart from this, once the steps are covered, the traveler can get a real view of the city. The spot is extremely peaceful.


Night Bazaar


If you're at Buriram city, then you'd not forget to visit the night bazaar. It'd be a truly unique experience to roam in the bazaar and taste range of junk foods. There're many stalls which serve a number of amazing dishes. The market looks stunning with the decoration and the wide number of people who gather here. Live shows and performance too organized here so that you can enjoy your time more.


Chang International Circuit


All in all, Buriram is one of the best city for travelers in Thailand, also very busy place because lots of people travel this palace each and we at Drive mate provide a service to explore the city via car rental Buriram in a unique way at extremely cheap prices. So, what are you waiting, contact us now and book your Car rental Thailand!



Compare rental cars in Buriram and Get the Right Car hire


Lam Nang Rong Dam


This site is actually a big dam. There're some big restaurants and eating spots near the dam. The scenic view is extremely beautiful. Beers are served in most of the resort, hotels the food is something that you'd fall in love with. The place comes under the authority of the Royal project for security reason. Apart from this, the dam is also utilized for swimming, fishing, and boating at the same time. There're hotel rooms where people can stay and relax. After doing all these activities, you may feel exhausted. No issue, because the city also is the ideal place for total relaxation. There’re over 400 spas, so it would not be difficult to find a place where you can fully unwind.


Shopping And Relaxation


If you like shopping, the city once again is the place to be. You can go to the Chatuchak market which is the biggest market in the country and your options for shopping don’t end here, and the spot also offers several shopping centers and departments’ stores. You definitely visit there, which are huge shopping malls that are really simply accessible through car rental Thailand.

Compare rental cars in Buriram and Get the Right Car hire

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