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Use The Best Car Rental Service In Phuket Thailand

There is no doubt that most tourists or travelers within Phuket and beyond prefer to rent a car than assume the high cost of maintenance. If you are in Phuket for a business trip or vacation and you tend to cruise nice and comfortable cars within Phuket and other parts of Thailand without any form of restriction then reach out to us now. Drivemate remains one of the most popular choices among individuals who come to Phuket, Thailand to have fun and other business engagement. Reliable and efficient service delivery is our watchword.


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Advantages Of Using Drivemate As Your Car Rental Service

The following are some few advantages why you should choose Drivemate over others :

• Modern and spacious car

• We Prioritize Our Customer Needs

• Cheap Service Offer

• Well defined fuel Policy


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Modern And Spacious Car


We have fleets of cars for any family size or group. Our cars are top-notch, outstanding and roadworthy at all times. The cleanliness of our cars and drivers is unbeatable. We derive joy in changing our cars on a regular base to suit our customer's needs. We are here just for you. No other car rental service provider in Phuket can beat our car hire service.



We Prioritize Our Customer Needs


Drivemate ensures all our clients are well catered for. The primary reason why we still remain in car hire business for the past 10 years is because of the quality, reliable and credible service we render to both old and new clients. Our top priority is to guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction on any booking. Seeing our customers happy is something we as a company cannot ignore.


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Cheap Service Offer


If you ever search for an affordable car hire service in Phuket, then you have come to the right place. Drivemate renders a car hire service around Phuket airport and beyond with comfort at a minimum price rate. We are known for comfort and rendering of quality car rental service at an affordable rate. Book us today let’s give you an exclusive offer that you cannot get anywhere else

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Well Defined Fuel Policy


We have laid down rules that guide our fuel policy. Unlike some other car rental companies in Phuket, we give the full details of our fuel policy to our clients. We ensure our client understands the terms and conditions guiding fuel policy before we begin booking. There are no hidden charges while using our car rental service in Phuket and beyond.


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On the final note, the above are some of the few advantages you enjoy whenever you use our car rental service. You can scroll around our homepage to get more details of what we represent and offer. There are several car rental services in Phuket Thailand, but we stand out and make sure we give our clients the best and outstanding car rental service. Our prices and luxurious cars will make your stay a memorable one. We await your soon patronage and we would be glad to offer our top-notch car rental service at a reduced price rate.

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