About Drivemate

Thailand #1 peer-to- peer car sharing service

What is Drivemate?

Drivemate is Thailand #1 peer-to- peer car sharing service

Car owners can list their car for free, so that their car pays for itself.

As Drivemate cars are progressively poping up at every street corner, it offers people without a car the best alternative to car ownership : cheap rental prices, and even most important the convenience of finding a car within walking distance of their home.

We form a community of neighbours and travelers who like using resources in a smarter way, and value more service than ownership.

Drivemate belongs to the sharing economy movement, amidst other services like Airbnb and Blablacar. We’re convinced that this decentralized economy to share goods and services is plainly more efficient, as it reduces wasting of ressources, which in turn can provide economic, environmental and social good.

But let our community speak for us !

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